Next Sweater

nextsweater (148k image)

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We visited Sis and her neighbors and had an excellent time. Then we braved Black Friday in Medford to pick up my new glasses at Costco and buy a tv for ourselves. We only use it to watch movies as we don’t have tv but that old set (I think it was Pop’s old one) was getting very dark and hard to see. But we’re technically up to date now with this LCD set. It’s lovely. Randy found a cd of Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta. That one is 30 years old. It was a kick! lol
Anyway, We’re home again, it’s 24 degrees this morning and I have two squares woven for my next sweater project. I thought I’d better make another one while I can still remember the “shoulda dones” from the last one! :laugh: This is a scarlet boucle`. I also have a smoother yarn in the same color which I’ll use for the knitted parts. But I’m thinking I may weave the sleeves this time, too. We’ll see…
Guess today I’ll clean house and do a bit of holiday decorating.
Hope you are all enjoying your families if you are lucky enough to have them near.

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