Trying it out

Strata (184k image)

I bought a skein of Red Heart’s attempt at worsted weight self patterning ‘sock yarn’. It’s really awful stuff for feel, rough. You couldn’t make something to wear next to your skin and I haven’t yet found a knit gauge that shows the pattern to advantage but thought I’d try it on the 14″ square loom. Not too shabby, I think. You could use it as a dish cloth. I’m going to use it to cover the oatmeal box I use as a container for my yarn snippets that I save for recycling. I’ll post a photo when I get it put together. I think I have enough yarn for at least one more 14″ square and I have used, I’m guessing, half of it knitting, so you could get several large squares from a skein. Anyway, I pronounce this yarn as fun as long as you don’t plan to wear it!:P

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