Control burning?

cfire (95k image)

SPI is burning logging slash and there’s a low pressure cell here now so all this smoke is staying low and we’re getting to breath it today. Chance of Rain tomorrow is up to 80% so even if it doesn’t douse their fires it should clear the air a bit, I hope.
The small pictures are a second burn on the left and the new view of Billy’s Peak on the right. Compare that to the photo above! 😥 Admittedly a lot of us added our bit to the problem this morning when we got up to cold houses and built fires in our heat stoves. Still, Corporate has nearly 30 fires going in this part of Trinity now so I think they’re out-smoking us!
And I saw three Xmas trees going down the road this morning. Please! If you have to kill sweet young firs to decorate your house, at least remember to load them tip to the rear and wrapped tightly in a tarp or some strong plastic. The wind at 60+mph on the trip home will strip the needles off your tree, making it all in vain! I’ve seen this way too often. 😦
Okay, that’s my bitch for today… back to fibering! :laugh:

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