Springtime… a different viewpoint…

springsnow (58k image)

:confused: Well, it happens every spring when the daffies bloom. Here’s a view of the yard which includes the Blue Jay nest. They’ve been using this site under the eaves for quite a few years but this year they started a bit early, it seems to me. I didn’t get a chance to get out and prune and tie up the rose after the winters heavy snow tore it down, as it does every year. It is the prettiest rose, a cream with a bit of pale pink in the center, very fragrant, too. Well worth all the maintenance. And very forgiving is it doesn’t get enough of that!
I haven’t any fiber stuff to show; been spring cleaning. Getting rid of ‘stuff’. And since it started raining… well, the last time Himself hit the “junk ” stores with his friend he brought me a box with 38 Barbie’s, 1 Ken, and 5 little Barbie’s… Skipper, I think she’s called, and Tom & Kelly? Needless to say they were all naked. I had mentioned earlier this winter that I was going to knit up a wardrobe for the baby doll I have and donate it this coming Xmas. Well… he didn’t remember the details of that plan but got the general idea and put it together with my enjoyment in clothing Barbie. Hummm…. Well! lol I have got some of them clothed. I hope I can find a place to donate them. I was thinking of a children’s hospital but they might not want to take second hand toys. Even if I do wash them up well first. I’m sure I’ll find out before I get them all dressed! :laugh:

2 thoughts on “Springtime… a different viewpoint…

  1. You could always donate them to the local women’s/family emergency shelter. Often when a woman and her children have to get away from an abusive home there isn’t time to grab the children’s toys – I am sure they would be well recieved


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