Cheap easter egg dye

ee_dye_batts (29k image)

:satisfied: This is for those of you who have bought Walmarts 69cent easter egg dye. It is a bargain, depending on the results you are after. Starting from the bottom, here are the color I got using 2 tablets, and a cup of white vinegar in a two quart bowl of water, micro-waved for 4 minutes. I put in enough damp, clean, bright white cormo wool to be covered by the water, weighted with a saucer. The batts are each one “batch”.
Neon pink; a nice orange; Bright Yellow; pale green; pale teal (it’s the only blue); and assorted purples. I did three batches of the purple, the middle one I tried to over-dye with blue. My advice is to avoid the purple, go with Kool-aid. It also separates at times but not as badly as this. I had neon pink and neon blue which I blended by hand cards and drum carder and, as you can see, it was a bit too much blending and is starting to form some neps which I’ll have to pick out when I spin. I think I will pull roving and run it though the drum carder one more time using the three to try to come up with one shade of lavender/purple.
I bought 12 packages of this dye and intend to do at least one more batch, but I think I’ll also buy some of the more expensive Paas dye, if I can find the plain kind.

6 thoughts on “Cheap easter egg dye

  1. I think it is a hard color. I understand that the red absorbs faster than the blue. Dunno what we’re sposed to do about that… X our fingers, I guess! lol


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