Crazy_Quilt_Progress2 (30k image)

My camera decided I didn’t need a flash or something so this photo is a bit hazy 😛 but this is the crazy quilt on the bed. It needs, probably, one more row to make it a bit longer and then I think I’ll work on the border. I haven’t quite decided what to do there but have been thinking about triangles. 💡

3 thoughts on “Progress

  1. hi–i like your blog–love where you live–i have a small farm–50 acres and find it hard to find the time to do what i want—-if you want you can go see my goats on draconiflies4me@aol–under my buddy info–:) irina


  2. Now that is just beautiful! I can just see it with the triangles all around. I kept looking, but there are no two rows with the same sized squares anywhere, yet they all fit together so good! Truly amazing! I love all the color too! Huummmm… maybe a border like one big tri and then two small tri’s all around!

    I wanted to let you know I changed my blog over at Xanga to
    also. It was just time for a bit of a change. I’m going to work on it slow but sure again. I just had too many people lurking around there that I wasn’t sure about. Anyway, come by and check soon and hopefully I’ll get a couple of pictures up this week. Egg and fiber dying tomorrow you know! 😀

    TTYS 🙂


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