Granny flower question

GSFlower3 (42k image)

Bonnie’s Granny Square Flower
🙂 Chain 5, join with slip stitch in 1st chain to make circle.
:confused:Chain 3, * 3 double crochets in circle. Chain 3, turn.
:doze:1 double crochet in each of next 2 double crochets and make 1 double crochet
in top of turning chain.
:O Reach around behind the double crochets, and do 1 double crochet into
original circle, behind 1st set, so it is actually as if it was done 1st.
😀 Repeat from * seven times for a total of 8 petals.

If you keep all your petals turning in the same direction this turns out just like it should. When you reach from the right side of the petal to the left side to work the dc back into the chain circle, the left corner of the petal will come forward. It makes a nice little flower. The rest of this block came from a pattern on-line by a lady whose name is also Bonnie. I don’t know if it’s the same one, tho! I can’t seem to get the knack of the bullion stitch but this granny flower works well and is nicer looking than my feeble bullions! :laugh:

One thought on “Granny flower question

  1. Wow that looks great! And here I am chugging along trying to get just the basic granny square to look right! LOL Ah well, I will put them all together and call it a blanket anyhow!

    After I get mine done I may try a flower like that. Looks too pretty to pass up! I like the one on the website too. How she changed the color to orange, and made a pumpkin middle is just great! Very crafty! 🙂


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