One row lace

scarf (54k image)
Here’s the scarf I’m knitting from some of the knitted dying we did. This one is alpaca and something… silk? tensel? … dunno but it’s nice. It runs from purple which is almost black (The Walmart grape ‘koolaid’) though very bight red to a duller red on the other end which I haven’t gotten to yet. This pattern is great! Even I can remember it! :laugh: And it looks a little different in different yarns, I did a couple of swatches.
Pattern: CO 30: k2 *yo, p1, p2 tog, k1* I’m using a #9 circ. You can use what ever size needle looks good with your yarn. Gonna wear this to the Red Hat Pajama Breakfast with my new “dress/gown” from Lane Braynt. It looks just like the knit shirts I wear to bed but has red hats on it and is a bit longer. I’m not going to breakfast anywhere with my uh-huh hanging out! There’s still too much of that to share! lol
I have a new hat for it, too. That one I made on the looms and will be featured in the video if we ever get that done…?! 😉

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