A winter project

Here is a little project I have been working on occasionally this fall. I have not quite decided what it’s going to be. right now I am just playing. I also posted this to Ravelry so if you are a member there you may have seen it. I am using the Multi looms because this is sock weight yarn. I bought it at OFFF and have the label somewhere, I’ll look it up. It is hand dyed superwash wool, that I do remember. But after weaving a couple 6” squares, I knew I was going to get bored before the entire large skein was done so got the idea to make 6” squares using the other sizes. I have not run out of options yet. And have not decided if I am going to involve the triangles or not. As you can see I have also not done anything with the tails either. But it is kind of interesting to see how close to the original 6” I can get. The top center block was put together by sc each side and then slip stitched the two sides together. I like how that looks but found that it makes the block just a tince too wide and with more than one seam it makes them way too wide. That could be compensated for by working an edging around the outside of the block but I decided to go with a narrower join, just one row of sc. I chose this dark maroon yarn because I thought it toned the red & green down a bit and also being a bit smaller yarn the seams would be a little less bulky. It’s already been redone once and is still subject to frogging. And I expect it’s going to be a long time finishing. 🙂

  1. 4×6 & three 2×2
  2. 4×6 & 2×6
  3. Three 2×6
  4. 2×6 & three 2×4
  5. One 6”

Tri looming

There’s been some discussion on Facebook about making tri jackets and sweaters. I made this one years ago, before it began getting too small, those gremlins will keep doing this! Anyway here’s more or less what I did, using my adjustable triangle. These measurements are taken from the aged and much worn garment so are probably not too close to what it started as but will work as a guide since you’d have to make your own size decision. It will show how I put it together in any case.

Front: The large plaid tris are folded over at the shoulder front and back and the tip is folded back to make a cuff at the sleeve. The lines don’t always coincide with the photo but I think you can follow it. The one marked 10 inch is a small tri folded at the under arm to finish the sleeve. The points of the blue tris are folded under, the hypotenuse of those forming the hem front and back.

front layout

Back: The plaid tris are seamed up the back to about 5″ from the fold over, you’ll adjust that to fit you. The front opening and neckline are finished with a row of single crochet and one of reverse sc or crab stitch. This fit me pretty well back in the day. If you have a more rounded figure it may tend to hike up in the back a bit. I’ve gone to using the smaller looms as it gives me a bit more control over fit but this ought to be good for slimmer figures or for children.

back layout

I have a photo of myself wearing this but I don’t have a clue where it is. If I find it I’ll come back and add it. meantime, I hope this little bit of info is helpful to anyone wanting to make use of some nice handspun or even nice “store=bought”!  😉

Our Summer Trip

We’re home again. Two weeks on the road is at least a week too much! lol We had a great time and met lots of people and made some new weavers and increased the stash for some others.  Here’s one weaver who brought her project to BSG to share. Love that! Also the one from last year at OFFF. Pat Cane does some extra by weaving in strands of the opposite colors to blend her triangles very cleverly together. Isn’t it lovely?! I love seeing the projects you all weave!

Pat Cane_at BSGPat Cane_at OFFF


I made a new doll dress with squares I wove demoing the looms here at the show, too. And met another Dolly weaver who bought my pattern book. Nanette has promised to share when she gets something made for her Granddaughter! Here’s mine.


But besides the two shows, Big Sky Fiber Festival in Hamilton. Montana and Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon, we visited the country along the way. I have so many pictures I could not possibly share them all but here’s a few. What a beautiful country we live in!

On our way up we stopped at an alkali lake in Eastern Oregon. A “rain” storm and a sunset.

alpert 2b



Then we picnicked on top of the world in Montana.

Toip Of Montana


On the way back we camped in a great park on a  lake near Sandpoint, Idaho.

trip Sandpoint Idaho


And I almost got a photo of the paddle wheeler on the Columbia Gorge coming home, on the border of Oregon and Washington. We were in Oregon, looking back at Washington across the way. I took this out the truck window across the railroad tracks.

trip columbia gorge paddlewheel


We had a great trip but, as always are glad to be home. the garden has gone wild with summer coming on so will have some catching up to do there and are working hard to get orders shipped out as well. Randy has looms to make and contractor jobs to do as well. But we’re home now until September…

Hope your summer is filled with fun and not too hot!

On a role!

I was hunting something in Le Shed and found a box of demo shapes woven at fiber fairs and am putting them to work. Got out a sewing pattern for a vest and  started putting shapes together. Not exactly free form but at least random. It will be another colorful bit of clothing. Got both fronts mostly together and will start on the back this afternoon.  Goes pretty fast since the weaving has already been done, just a matter of laying it out. I think this time I’ll just crochet in whatever little missing bits I might need.

But first I have some shop work to take care of as someone is waiting for their looms. Go get out your UFO’s and start putting something together!



More cardigan progress

I finished weaving the tris for the sleeve yesterday and as I had the sewing machine set up for something else, I decided to take advantage of this cool morning to put it to use again.

The woven blocks for the sweater, pin the pattern carefully over. I guess I didn’t get the photo, but  next sew at the edges. Use lots of pins and give you fabric support. You want it to lay flat so it doesn’t distort. Remember this one is bias woven.

sleeve A sleeve B

Once you have sewn all around in a contrasting color (it’s not going to show) carefully cut just outside the stitching.




sleeve C sleeve D

Pin closely! The more the better, especially on any bias squares that have not been stay stitched. The sleeve did okay, but sewing up the sides needed lots of pins. Again, support your fabric so it does not stretch or distort. In fact, if this is your first project of this type, it may be a good idea to baste all of these seams and try the garment on, to be sure things are as they should be before committing it to the machine which is Much harder to undo.


sleeve F

And here it is with the sleeves in.


What’s left is the front button bands and the cuffs. However… Being the mature figger that I am, it is a little snug around the… er… hem. So I think I may have to add a bit in a A-line sort of way, to the front placket first. Have not quite thought that out yet, so still more waiting before I have a finished item. Still, making progress by leaps and bounds!

Do any of you have projects to show me? I’d love to feel I’m not all alone here!


Meantime, a little fun project!

The windsock I made in April of 2008 has finally did what the plastic bag makers told us they would. It’s on it’s way back to it’s component parts. I tried to save it, but it was falling to bits as I worked . Then my eye fell on the basket of yarn snippets and scraps. The birds have never shown any interest is using this lovely nesting material so….


DSC03267 DSC03268


DSC03269 DSC03270

You can see that there were all sorts of bits in the basket, lace to bulky, wool, acrylic, mohair, cotton… I picked randomly and decided on the spot if it was long enough. It’s mostly pieces from about 4″ to several yards in one case. And I decided that the knots were a design element so pulled them all to the right side.


DSC03271 DSC03272

But the knot-less side looks good, too. The green is a  square I wove for the one that just ‘died’. If you have a stash of fairly young bags  they do make light and fluttery wind socks. Mine lasted 7 years. I have no idea how long the yarn one is going to last. They all get exposed to all sorts of weather.


DSC03273  ShoppingBag 4-2008


And here it is out on the maple with the remaining plastic bag one. I still have a small ball of this knotted yarn so there might be more coming. After the cardigan is finished, of course!


October already!!

Well, Sorry I’ve been so slow posting here. We’ve been to OFFF, had nice weather this year, and nice crowd, did well, met lots of interesting people, took the long way home, calling it a vacation and here we are again. Himself has gone off for the week to help a friend re-roof his Mom’s house so Cori and I are In Charge here. She’s a little confused and just a bit worried. Didn’t want to come in Monday night, but finally had to come eat dinner, then wanted out again but he still hadn’t returned so agreed to come in at last but spent the evening watching the kitchen door. She was better last night. She likes me but she’s not my dog. lol

waiting for her master

Meanwhile, on the fiber front, I’m knitting at the moment. Working on a Christmas gift. I bought the yarn in April but am falling behind, as usual, as other projects also need doing. And one that really didn’t need doing. Himself found in the trash at OFFF this great wad of fiber, someone’s very beginning spinning, maybe a child’s even as there were two colors involved. It was very little spun, from thread size to fatter than my thumb. He was shocked that anyone would throw away something that cost as much as $5 an OUNCE! (He’d been looking at a neighbors booth and noticed some roving at that price and was shocked at that, too. This is the guy who paid $30 for a rusty old wood  plane on eBay!) He gave it to me asking me if I thought it would be usable. So not being able to settle into anything the other evening I re-carded and re-spun his ‘find’ and presented him with a 1.8 oz skein of soft wool yarn. He felt justified. 😉

offf yarn

Have not started to wash my fleece. I bought a pound of mohair at OFFF to blend with it to make the kid fleece a bit stronger, I hope. Did I say I bought a Navajo Churro kid fleece? I want to try my hand at a little Navajo type tapestry weaving. Very basic and simple. It will be awhile before I get to that, I’m sure. Have to do a little research first. And some spinning, of course.

And I’ve been making lists of projects I need/want to accomplish this winter. Yikes! The winter better be  long one! lol  Well, I have my book, Weaving For Your American Girl Doll ready and will get it on the web page soon. The projects fit most any 18″ girl type doll. They start out with just the 4″ Multi square, as that is the most common sized loom people have, I think, and then there are more complicated projects, too, using more than one loom. Some you’ve seen but there’s new ones, too. I have lots of patterns to write up, people have been asking for them. It’s laborsome work so I keep putting it off, but it’s on The List now so…

Okay, there are projects to finish and I will get to them, but those two white buckets in the photo with Cori are full of wind fall apples that have to be tended to first. And because the sow bear and her cub cleaned the tree of all the good ones, these are all I have this fall so don’t want to lose them. And the tomatoes are still producing. Well, you know how it goes, but I will get back to weaving soon. Hope you’re making progress on your projects!



The ear warmer

I promised photos of me wearing it so you could get an idea how it works. so here they are. I’m hoping this will work when  hat is too warm but you need your ears covered. Won’t be able to test this theory for a few months yet. You could do the same thing for a smaller person or child using the Tiny Weaver set or even the square and triangle Multi Looms.

ear warmer9aear warmer9

Oh my… how time flies…

And that’s even if you’re not having fun.  Not that I’m having un-fun, it’s just that time of year, but sorry I have been so long in posting. Peaches got ripe, then the fire and three shows coming up in September, then his truck had to go to the shop. We have to go pick it up today. You know how these things go.

But sis was down this week for an all too short visit and brought along a couple skeins she has spun from her birthday fleece.. I got a chance to try it out with a little weaving in the evening while we chatted. I used the 7 inch set. We had been discussing pattern weaves on the Multi and I thought I’d try one diagonally. I think it worked pretty well so will have to get busy and try a few more of them. This one is the slide stitch. I wove a few rows, six I think, and then worked a slide row with three regular rows in between & it came out nicely spaced. Now don’t take my word for this as I can’t really remember for sure. I’m not going to tell you the details of how to do it this morning but will work it as I type tomorrow so hopefully can get it right. Meantime if you’re interested you can go to my YouTube- Weaver Hazel– and take a look at the Multi version.

But here’s what I made with the sample yarn. Two squares and two triangles, sc around the edges and a tie string. It’s an ear warmer. I’ll also try to get a photo of it on. This kind of shows the pattern stitch.

ear warmer4 ear warmer8a