The other end of May… already!

Summer time has hit here, even tho it’s still May. 89 degrees today! Well, I am actually enjoying the warm. Made a potato salad and we’ve been having breakfast and dinner on the deck. Nice! Supposed to cool down a bit this weekend so I will plant out the tomatoes and peppers then. did not want to get them burnt right off!

Another week and we head out for the Big Sky Festival in Hamilton Montana. Am I ready? Yeah, sure! lol But I will be.  Sis will be coming down to house sit.

The Blue thing is on hold for a bit. I can only deal with that yarn for so long. It feels good,  it’s beautiful , it’s a PITA to weave with. So I wove a bag, you may have seen it on Rav already, I am pleased with it and it’s gotten some nice compliments. The nicest of course, is from those who order the looms and the pattern to make one themselves! I call it Tamale Pie since that’s what the colors remind me of.

And things are blooming like crazy in this heat in spite of all the snow still on the mt tops. Coffee Creek it up and running, but staying where it ought. I thought my tree peony was dead but looks like not!

I know you are all out getting dirt under your nails in the garden and those who don’t enjoy dirt are probably planning big weekend parties. Either way I hope you have a fun and safe holiday!


Still weaving…

Yes, I added  on but found that this method of assembly really does take  up a lot. It was barely enough but I decided to add a little more ease, just in case. Once cut you are committed and I can take up easier than let out on this project! So It will be another day before I cut.

Meantime the boobie prize for the Bunko was a hit last night.  It ended in a 4 way tie for most losses so they rolled off. The winner seemed happy with her prize. I wove the napkin on the 14″ square and crocheted the edging to make it a bit fancier. The yarn is some nice acrylic in bright colors. I added a loaf of frosted cinnamon raisin bread. It was supposed to go into a bamboo bread basket but the basket proved too small for my husky loaf. Ah well..

And today it’s snowing. Again…


Back again

I keep vowing to do better as a blogger and then falling behind again.  It was a full canning season this fall with a huge apple crop, also pears and making relish of the green tomatoes after putting the garden to bed. Not trying to say I didn’t have time, just didn’t take time, I’m afraid. Here’s just a few of the apples canned and frozen. Not to mention eaten both raw and in a pie! eat And the relish which will be nice in potato and tuna salad next summer!


But I did finally get the yarn I ordered so have been weaving more squares with the Shawl In A Ball yarn. And now it’s nearing holiday season so have been making a few little things for the FireBelle’s fundraiser sale. I donated a couple of 4″ looms to be made up into a basket. But I got the tree ‘bug’ that a lot of other’s have also gotten.


And I also made up a few little needle books & some poinsettia pins and a couple tiny socks both woven and knitted. People will be looking for stocking stuffers, too.


I have a couple more ideas tho it remains to be seen if I get them done in time.

In any case, I hope you are all getting those leaves raked up before the white stuff starts falling. At least I hope it’s going to start falling, so far not even a good frost here. But lots of pretty leaves!


So… Wishing you all a great Family Thanksgiving! And for those who don’t have their family close, Blessings for you as well!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it….


Finally we have some white stuff! It’s thin here, which is fine, but it was sure pretty to see it falling again! Randy and Stella took a ride up Scott Mt today and took some pictures where it’s deeper. If the forecast are right there will be more up there starting sometime tonight and it looks like its going to  hang around off and on for the coming week. I have no weaving to show you  but have been working in the shop. Stock is getting low so we have to go back to work. 🙂 But I did get some cookies baked today and I think it’s time to put the teapot on and sit by the fire and admire the snow!

IMG_8183 IMG_8184


Summer time and the livin’ is…… Darned HOT! We actually hit 102 a couple days ago. I don’t remember ever seeing that up here. We have had 100 a c0uple times but never above it. And now tho it is cooler today (94) I’m hearing thunder rolling in the not too far distance. Keep your fingers X-ed that it’s also wet. Chances for that not great, tho, I’m afraid.

But the garden is lovin’ it!

My Sweet potato experiment. Dunno if I’ll get any spuds but the plants are doing fine. I keep them under this hood for the extra warmth. Keep your fingers X-ed for us!



The squashes are also doing fine.


And there’s tomatoes getting nicely fat.


The rest is looking good, too, from the cabbages and chard to the gloriosa’s and the bee balm which the hummers just love!


I do have weaving projects going but they are all big ones and going are to take awhile.

Hope you’re having a fun and safe and not too hot 4th!




It’s the 8th of May and the roses are in full bloom. Definitely an early spring. A little cool this week and windy but still getting a lot of gardening done. My Alaskan corn is up and growing. this is going to be an interesting experiment. It is a small corn designed to grow in adverse conditions.  I think the weather this year qualifies for that!   But I thought that if it is successful in Alaska it ought to produce a couple ears down here. X your fingers!

Meantime,. I have not made any progress on the demo vest. I am thinking I may just give up and do the cut and sew. At least I’d have a vest I could wear. I don’t suppose everything has to be a big challenge, some thing can just be easy, huh? And I got out my bag of squares which I think are wool or silk or…? I’

ve forgotten, only that they are not likely to be machine washable. I am putting a couple things though the gentle cycle this morning and am adding one each of these blocks just to determine what will happen. If they dont’ entirely ruin, I will go from there. I am thinking another vest. This one ought to be lighter weight, tho, more fit for cool summer mornings and evenings.

Meantime back to spring… the rhubarb is also ready!  I’m not a fan of strawberries with it but I made it half and half with a couple sweet apples and it is just yummy! Tamed the Rhubarb a bit and gave the apples a little jazz. We’ve made big holes in two pies so far and I have the makin’s for a 3rd! I think I’ll wait until next week with that one as sis is planning a trip down.

rhubarb apple pie

New family memeber

We decided it was time and Randy found this lady on a rescue site. We contacted Shelby and Wyatt and they liked us and so Stella has a new “forever home” in Coffee Creek. I think she has been a city dog all her life (6-7 years) but seems to be adapting to country life rapidly! She did fine on the 4+ hour trip up yesterday, did not want her dinner but had a ‘bone’ for breakfast and has now gone with Randy, in the rain, to check his business up the hill. We are working on the No Dogs in the Kitchen rule, but when I point she knows already to back up! lol Randy is getting lessons, too. 🙂 Stella is a lap dog, something Randy isn’t used to.

day 2

No yarn stories again. I still haven’t been able to find what the heck I did with my pattern. I guess I’ll have to go see if I can find another one that will work. I know this one will show up, probably about the time I don’t need it anymore! You know how that goes. Meantime, I hope you are making better progress on your projects and keeping  your looms dusted off!

Wishing you warm and dry!