New Years Day 2022… Good wishes for the future!

I hope you all were able to welcome the new year in the way you most enjoy! And stayed safe!

Randy and I celebrated as old people tend to do!

Today I finally got my new patchwork top out and got a photo. I don’t know if I mentioned but the yoke turned out to be too short, so I added another row of squares and I think it’s much better. Not my most flattering color but I like the way I did this neckline.

Pretty slow in Trinity this time of year. We had a lot of snow a week or so ago and it’s still here along with an impressive display of icicles along the roof line. We hit our winter low this morning at 14 degrees f.  The Wizards say we are in for more snow on Sunday and Monday and then they think it’s going to warm up and rain at our elevation. That’ll be a nice mess! Well, we are still in a drought so not all bad. This last snow was pretty dry stuff. Which is nice when you have to shovel it but doesn’t add much to the water tables.

Well, l Himself has mentioned a couple times that there is a cake mix and a can of frosting in the pantry, so I guess I’ll go make him a cake.  Hope your new years day is going well and that it continues to be well throughout the year! If we all do our best to stay positive and friendly and safe I’m sure the world will be able to recover.

Be kind, be positive, be safe! And do lots of weaving!

5 thoughts on “New Years Day 2022… Good wishes for the future!

  1. I agree with Elsie … I really like the neckline. It may be just me, but I think that color looks really good on you.
    And … your cartoons always crack me up!
    Be safe, stay healthy, and keep weaving!


    • Thanks Gabi, and Elsie, It is comfy and warm. I left the shirt under the patches to add a little extra thickness.
      Glad you enjoy my Granny’s Gabi, they are fun. I just wish I could get an handle on those more advanced drawing programs so I could make them a little bigger. Oh well.. Thanks for the good wishes and the same back to you!


  2. I love how the neckline looks, and I love the colors you used, because they look lovely on you. Your cartoon drawings always brings a smile to me😊 Hope you and all your loved ones had a lovely Christmas and I wish you and all your loved ones a Happy New Year’s 🥳💥🥳


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