The night visitors…

I know you’re not supposed to feed the wild ones but it was just a Thanks Giving treat. I want him to stay around. He mostly lives on mice of which we have too many, enough to keep him and his family as fat and healthy as he looks now.

4 thoughts on “The night visitors…

  1. your videos and spirit are wonderful❣️❣️❣️…i think you have a fox and raccoon vistors…the main reason for not feeding would be to help ensure they don’t hang around looking for food and have a run in with humans…and if the furry friend has rabies you do not want him or her to be near you or your home.


    • Thank you. As my home is in a National Forest that’s going to be hard, but I will not continue to feed them. It was a special treat and the compost bucket is empty now and will be put away for the winter.


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