Not what I started but…

I think it worked out okay, tho a more simple garment. I know poncho’s haven’t really been in style since Martha Stewart got out of jail but I’ve never had one and thought it might really work as well as a shrug for those coolish times of the day when you don’t really want a sweater. For one thing, sleeves are difficult in the shop. The sleeves either catch on the nails or sweep them off the work table, then I have to get out my handy dandy magnet on a handle and get them up off the floor. And same thing just sitting and weaving, they get hung up on everything. Not sure this garment will work any better but I’m going to try it. After trying it on again, I think I might end up adding a couple more rows to the neckline to raise it a bit, but I might wait until cooler weather to decide if I need that. I fitted a 12″ triangle at the back neck to raise the back a bit.  I just about had a heat stroke wearing this for Himself to take the photo. lol What with the smoke from the fire and the thunder storms, the heat and humidity are trapped at ground level here and it gets pretty uncomfortable. But here’s what I came up with. I’ve had some suggestions for the shrug and I have more Jiffy so it is still a possibility. But next on my to-do is tending to the peach crop!

front2back 2

4 thoughts on “Not what I started but…

  1. Dear Hazel Rose, Thanks so much for sharing your designs. You really inspire me to try new weaving. Can’t wait to see your next creation. I hope you all recover from the smoke and heat, I can’t imagine going thru looking at those fires and hoping they don’t come to you. Happy weaving, Marilyn

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    • Thank you, Marilyn. I’m happy that you get inspiration for my projects.Weaving is such fun and vbery rewarding when we end up with something useful from it, too.
      The guys are keeping the fire away from us and working hard to get it slowed down. There is still a lot of smoke but so far we are all okay.


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