Adventures in Nature

The beavers are building a nice lake in the woods nearby. Turtles, fish, mosquitoes, lots of critters enjoying the water. also water cress and blackberries thriving there. Trouble is those creative builders want ALL the water. We would like a bit of it to come down stream so about every two weeks we have to go  and modify their dam.  We don’t take it out because we like them and everybody ought to be able to enjoy the water and we just want a share. So far it’s been working fine.

I don’t usually go but I wanted to see their operation. They dont’ show their little rodent-y faces while we’re there of course so no beaver pictures but here’s some of their operation. Looking down stream from atop the dam.

Looking downstream off the dam

Lake Beaver. It really extends quite a way upstream, further than the camera could capture. A nice lake. Beaver Treasure lake


modifying dam 4 modifying dam 5

He moves it to the secondary dam and then they spend the next two weeks building it back up. Keeps them both busy. And then we get blackberries. Even some that are almost out of reach!


DSC02447 Berries4 berries5


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