What’s next?

Added 8-3   Shrug is not working. Wanted to warn you here so you can rethink if you are following my examples. :-0      Not sure if it’s the plan or just my size. Plan rather simplistic, I agree. But it seemed like a good idea. Too short in back and too tight under the arms. tho the sleeves were plenty big.  I could probably  weave more squares and then cut and sew but I think I’ll just try something else this time. Stayed tuned!


I was thinking of trying another shawl, maybe a little bigger but the yarn I pulled out of stash proved to be insufficient for that but I think it’ll make a nice shrug. It’s, Lion Brand Jiffy that I bought when our Five & Dime went out of business some years back. Got a nice price for it. I could buy more but I’m trying to use stash. It’s a bulky yarn, acrylic. Soft, a little fluffy so that you have to open the shed each time to avoid tangles, but it weaves fast enough. I also have a skein of charcoal LB ‘Homespun’ that I might use to assemble or for some accent. I’m using the 14″ square this time and my squares are coming out about 12 1/2″.

DSC02337 weave sample

Here’s the plan. So far.

It’s a twill: Weave 7 rows plain.

Start pattern;

o1, u1,*o2, u1* end o1, u1.

The thing is that it is going to change at the ends every other row, just go with the pattern. And this might not work if you’re using another size looms but I’m sure you can figure it out. You just want to keep the edges neat. You can work a couple o1, u1  at each side if that works better for you.

This is what I more or less envision. You could use a couple more big squares on the sleeves if you have enough yarn to make them longer. I think these are going to be about 3/4 sleeves. Maybe even less. Humm….. Well, no point worrying about it now. I have a few more squares to weave.


5 thoughts on “What’s next?

    • I mean the design picture, not the actual work. I’m looking for a way to design things more easily that cutting and taping paper triangles, and it looks like you are using some kind of drawing program or such.


      • Well, mostly I design in my head, which probably explains why it occasionaly doesn’t work. I have a little art program that came with the computer called Paint that I used to lay out my ideas, but there is no gauge or anything attached to that. If I think it ought to work, I get to weaving and often find out that my shrug ends up being a poncho. But sometimes it does work and I have a nice jacket or blouse. I should do more measuring. I also have a sewing pattern that fits me that I use as a template most times. If I had laid out my ‘shrug’ on that it very likely would have shown me that it was not going to work, but I got lazy.


  1. Suggestions regarding the pattern:
    1) Connect the pieces with crochet, like you did for your triangle scarf. This will allow you to take out the pinch under the arms. You could also insert 7″ tris as gussets between the 14″ squares, where you plan to join for the seams.
    2) Consider adding three 7″ squares, framed by two 7″ triangles, to lengthen the back.
    3) On the sleeve ends, plan only three (or maybe even two) 7″ squares and hold in the two 14″ squares accordingly.

    PS: I really like the twill pattern!
    PSS: I’ve always stayed away from the Jiffy yarn because it is so fluffy. Your squares look gorgeously!


    • Thanks Blue. I’ll have to keep your notes for the next project as I’ve already remodeled this one into a kind of poncho-cape thingy. I’ll post some pictures today or tomorrow if I can get it done. I was trying to keep to as few looms as possible but I think your suggestions are sensible and as I have lots of Jiffy from that long ago sale, I may just try this again. I think a shrug would be handy this winter for sitting here typing or out in the shop.


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