The Shoe Project

(This is by the way but I just wanted to mention that I am not turning the comments on and off. This web page is doing it randomly and I can’t figure it out! If anyone know why this happens I’d appreciate a clue.)
I mentioned on my doll list that I was going to get Himself to make me a “cookie cutter” to cut the craft foam for making the soles of doll shoes. A lot of the members seemed to think that was a great idea. Well he has made it but it turns out that it is not feasible to make them to sell so what i am planning to do is to cut out the soles and sell them in kits. Here are three of the first 5 pair I’ve made. I think I’ve finally got it down. the red pair is made with some of that fabric that has the sequin-like disks fused onto it. They are lined but the next pair with such thin fabric will also be interfaced or lined with some stuff fusible iron on stuff. They fit but would be easier to get one if the back was a little stiffer. The felt pair go on easily. the sandals I’ve experimented with. One pair has sewn on snaps on the straps and the other pair, I glued the snaps on. We’ll see how long those stay on. I have a hunch it’s probably not going to be long. But all in all, I think I’m nearly ready!

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