A WAL… a weave along!

We’re having a little Weave along on Ravelry Looms To Go based on the popular sudoku puzzles. Some of you can make your own patterns but I can never solve those things so have to ‘cheat” and get somebody else’s answers. I got one done and even assembled it wrong but it was too late by the time I discovered that so it stays! 😉 Anyway, if you have a square loom… it doesn’t matter which one or what size, come join us! This is my first one. I’m using the 2″ square and making a doll blanket. I like dolls (Did you guess! lol) and it will go fairly fast, leaving me time to fit it in with all the rest of the stuff on my to-do list.
We had a sunny day today with a high of 36. The Weather Wizards have promised us sunshine nearly all week and even a couple of degrees warmer days and nights. That would be good. Hope the sun is shining on you, too. Get out you looms and join our WAL!

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