What can you say. it’s January. Kinda like Monday. lol Well, we have been at work in the loom shop, Randy is helping a friend move as well. They are giving up their grocery and gift shop here in TC. Just can’t make ends meet anymore. We are slowly becoming a ghost town. Very depressing, very January.

But on the other hand Randy did finish building a car for our grandson, a model of our old Jimmy, which he loved. I think it looks great. The real one is bright red but this one is walnut and maple.

I am knitting and weaving and reading and doing laundry and rearranging furniture… you know, the kind of stuff you do in January.

2 thoughts on “January…

  1. So glad Jan is nearly over! I am fed up with looking after ill people, chasing to the Dr’s with son Daniel and then to physio. Sorting my mum out, off to the vets with the dogs…. all I want to do is weave!


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