Granmother’s Christmas Cactus which is over 50 years old got eaten off summer ’09 by a deer that wandered into the yard where we thought it was safe. It was down to stubs. It has made a very nice comeback, in fact, it looks better than ever, and Randy discovered this morning that it is even blooming! All the flowers are on the window side so this photo was taken from the deck. This is the first time it’s bloomed since Grandmother died and we inherited it. Cool!
My little one from Momma also has buds and that other pink plant- I can’t remember it’s name- has been blooming for some time. Randy says there is also bud on the potted petunia he brought in last fall. We have quite a bouquet in the window this cold January. It was 19 this morning. brrr!

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  1. That second picture is a Cyclamen.

    I love your cactus. I’ve had a few before and I can never keep them alive! I have found it easier not to have house plants since my cats will eat them anyway. I have plants outdoors, but they have to be able to survive without much care (like Irises and Hastas)


  2. This second plant looks like a cyclamen to me. Mine, which was given to me in December of 2008 and lives indoors year round, blooms continually.


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