Summer time

BathingSuit1aa (308k image)

It has gotten hot here at last. Tyler wanted a new bathing suit but the only water safe for her is the butterfly waterer. It makes a doll sized wading pool… sort of! :laugh: I work in the shop.. it stays cool usually, or hide out here in the house with the fan in the afternoons. Morning and evenings are nice. We’ve been eating outdoors under the willow. The garden is thriving in all this heat and sunshine, lots of tomatoes and peppers coming on and the beans and peas are blooming, too. Randy just read that we may have T-storms with rain this weekend. Rain not common in July, but with lightening it would be a good thing.
Still busy making looms and I am still working on the WeaveZine project for the 6″ Multi. It’s coming along. I haven’t been chatty here lately, but there just doesn’t seem to be much new to say! We go along without excitement. Not complaining, mind you. Excitment usually means trouble. Don’t need any of that!
Hope you’re having an excitement-free July! 😛

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