4th yardsale

yardsale3 (246k image)

:O Didn’t realize it had been so long since I posted. Things have been frantic around here lately! We held a community yard sale at the Country Store on the 4th and did a pretty brisk business, made a few bucks and got rid of a LOT of ‘stuff’. Not all of it, unfortunately, but a lot. That’s Randy and a neighbor leaning on one load for the sale. 😛
Since then we have spent most of our time in the looms shop… orders have been pouring in. That’s good! Glad weavers are happy with our looms, but it means my nose has been to the grindstone, so to speak and not much else gets done.
Randy has gone to do a house inspection for a local realtor this morning and here I sit, goofing off, I’m sure he’d say, but I’m about to head for the shop again. If you are waiting for your looms… They’re coming, I promise! 😀

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