Is this a bee?

Beee (196k image)

It looks like a bumble bee and is about that size but I never saw a bumble bee acting the predator so I’m guessing it’s not really a bee. It was on the raspberry bushes this morning clutching this unfortunate snap beetle in a suspicious way.
Everybody has to eat, so I don’t object to predators, being one myself, I’m just curious.
But meantime, the black caps are getting ripe rapidly and the garden is starting to show signs of producing a crop. I have a summer squash, some little peppers, green tomatoes. I pulled three radishes this morning and the cucumbers and melons are blooming. I think the beans are about to also. My bush peas are getting long and floppy and show no signs of bushing… I think that packet lied to me! 😛
I think I’ll haul some dirt over there tomorrow and bank up my leeks. I’m told I need to do that as they grow.
And I am still working on the WeaveZine Lace shawl in the evenings…

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