deer2a (229k image)

Randy didn’t get around to completing the fence around the garden and a deer found the hole last night. These are my blue lake beans which had just started blooming. Most of them still have leaves at the top but I doubt I’ll get much of a crop. But my green peppers have not got a leaf left, she ate the whole plant down to the peppers, which are golf ball size at most. My little cabbages are gone, the radish tops, she tried the peas, and nibbled one cucumber vine. And to top it off, she made dessert of the petunia on the butterfly waterer in the photo below.
I’m bummed, but other than the satisfaction, there’s no point in taking a 2 x 4 to him for not finishing the fence. :angry:
That’s cousin in the photo. He discovered the devastation.
I hope your day started on a brighter note. 😉

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