Meet April, the jacob sheep.

April_ClearwaterRanch_Lewiston (227k image)

We visited the fiber faire in Weaverville today. It was not a large affair, as you might guess. Kinko, a local spinner, was there with her wheel and lots of yarn. She also had her powered carder and was demoing that. Met a gentelman who showed me the hat he’d knit with some of Kino’s yarn He told me he’d added some angora to make the wool softer on his bald head! 😀 A Lewiston place called Clearwater Ranch had yarn and fiber-they also had a couple of Jacob sheep there… you see April above. There was assorted needle work, crafts for kids to do, some stuff about growing native plants and willow basketry, etc. A boy about 7-8 years old was weaving on a kids loom and doing well at it. There was a lady with a nice display of macram

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