Snow, at last!

Feb11 (250k image)

Wow! I didn’t realize I had been absent for so long! Just not much happening to post about, i guess… tho you know that’s never stopped me! :laugh: But here is the view from the bedroom windows this morning. We’ve gotten over a foot since late yesterday & it’s still falling./ The forecast has a long row of snowflake logos. Well, we need it. It’s rather dry but I’m not complaining about that, either. I was about to change the header on this page, but I guess its ‘seasonable’ again! And the bare root peach tree will have to stay at the nursery for awhile yet. Oh well…
Give me some time to work on projects. Himself is spending the day in the shop, I think., when he’s not out playing in the snow. He likes shoveling in winter and raking the rest of the year, whether it’s gravel in the drive of leaves on the lawn. I guess we all have something like that that we do when we don’t want to do what we should be doing!
Hope you are all safe and warm! 🙂

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