Socks for Daughter

toelesssocks (198k image)

Karen doesn’t like her toes covered. Strange but true and apparently she isn’t the only one. But I knitted her a pair of toe-less socks once and now she says she needs a new pair so I whipped these out with some Bernat baby yarn I had on hand. Kind of cute, tho one ends with pink and the other doesn’t. Oh well! :laugh: Didn’t take long to make. I may make her another pair with some sock yarn just in case she wants to wear them with her toe-less shoes! 😛
We have a couple feet of new snow and now it’s slushing on it. That’s okay. Messy but it has already melted some of the snow. We need the water but it’s kind if like being on a diet… You like looking thinner but getting there isn’t much fun! Getting our lake filled again isn’t much fun, either. Involves way too much mud…
But I’m not complaining, you know! :O 😀

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