BedRoom2! (28k image)

Got the new carpet in the bedroom and have things put back together… mostly. Now I have to get the living room back together. 😀 I think it really looks nice. It’s painted my favorite green and I hung my big picture over the bed. Yes, it’s a copy of Georgia O’Keefe’s Lawrence Tree, that I painted for a long ago Artist Reception we did with the kids at school when I worked there. It is also one of my fav’s.

Meantime, I just have to sew the pocket on my woven sweater and I can post a picture of that here. But I need to get prettied up so I can get a picture of it on, too. (That could take some time! 😛 )

The sun came out to day. Briefly, it’s true, but it was nice to know it’s still up there. I hear a new storm is due in on Saturday…

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