Aretha4 (70k image)

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted. I’ve been so busy doing nothing that I just forgot! :O Oh well. Some weeks are like that. We were supposed to go get our new (to us) 5th wheel trailer this week but Randy got Jury Duty so it will probably be another week, at least. I am taking the dogs to town for ‘maintenance’ today and will attend the artist’s get-together as well. But what i have been doing really, is playing. Found a knitted doll pattern on Ravelry and have been playing with her. This is Aretha in her heavy sweater. She’s sporting gold hoop earrings now, too, but this photo was taken before she got them. I am still knitting doll clothes, but now for Tyler Wentworth, a lady doll I bought on eBay. Yes, I know… it’s time to get back to work! I ordered some experimental frames for the art so when they come i will get busy. I want everything ready for the Big Show before we leave.
Hope you’re getting some playtime, too!

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