fingerknitting closeup

fingerknit_finger_crocheted_scarf2 (204k image)

This is the scarf I made by finger knitting a skein of Lion Brand Jiffy Thick & Quick yarn. The band says there are 84 yards (76 m). It made a long rope, too long to be practical as a scarf so I finger crocheted it …made a chain… so shorten. It’s maybe a bit too short now. I could work it tighter and lengthen it that way but I think that would destroy the texture of it some. It’ll do and for a child it would be even better, of course. It’s also better this way for those of us who are uncomfortable with a ‘rope’ around our necks! :laugh: But it was fun to make and I’m going to have to try at least one more with some of that ‘fur’ novelty yarn I’ve bought for some unknown reason! 😛

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