Meet Tyler Wentworth

TylerWentworth_1st_outfit2a (115k image)

This is my first large lady doll. Not counting the widow and the cloth dolls I made myself. The is a Tonner doll, for those of you ‘in the know’. I only learned of them when I joined a doll group on Ravelry and accidentally bought this one on ebay. But I’m glad I did. She’s very pretty. I spend three days knitting and reknitting this skirt from KnitPicks Lace weight wool and am still not really happy with it. But she is clothed, anyway. She came in a teddy and stockings. I’ve put them away for safe keeping but I love her little shoes.
Anyway… This is what I have been doing while Himself is on jury duty. Tomorrow I get back to painting. My frame stuff should be here this week sometime.
Stay warm and find something fun to fiber!

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