“I really use my hands…”

I_really_use_my_hands.... (19k image)

I think this was from an old dishwashing detergent ad. But it probably should read … “misuse”. Still, it’s hard to get though a day if you are being cautious all the time. Things happen! 😛 There’s broken nails, hangnails, callouses, other cat scratches, nicks, nail bruises from a bad aim with the hammer and mysterious marks I have no idea where they came from.
But, heck… I do really use my hands! Other than a bit of carpel tunnel now and then and some arthritis in my right thumb, they are still doing a good job for me in spite of a little roughness and a few semi permanent stains! :laugh:
Hope you are getting good mileage from yours. And keeping them warm! 🙂

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