What have I got?

shuttle3 (193k image)

My dh bought this today at a second hand shop and we think it’s a weaving shuttle but I never saw one like this. Can anyone enlighten us? On the inside under the bobbin it says 110 and R.G. Pratt Co. I have posted a couple photo’s on my web site. http://www.hazelroselooms.com/workbook/?
The only thing I got from google was a seismic scientist by that name. I don’t think this has anything to do with earthquakes, tho! lol

A P.S. It apparently is a shuttle from a loom that weaves silk ribbon, an automated kind of thing, most of what I can find out mentions ‘antique’ but , frankly, if this is antique it was very little used, it does not look old or even very much used tho it does have a threaded bobbin in it. I cannot find a photo of the bobbin in a loom, however. Oh well…

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