RosySkunk (232k image)

Went up to do my shopping and spend a night with my sister. When coming back from the barn she discovered this young fellow sniffing his way along side the house looking for breakfast bugs. He wasn’t more than about 6 or 8 inches long, probably out on his own for the first time. Didn’t seem to notice us but we stayed out of range, just in case! :O He wandered off into the bird area after awhile and of course, I didn’t think of the camera until he was nearly gone, so you get a view of his bush! 😛 I suggested that Sis capture, tame and de-scent him but she didn’t really go for the idea. Her hubby probably wouldn’t either, since he spends a lot of time trapping and moving these guys from other people’s property in his line of work.
But had a nice visit and got my shopping for the month done. It was beautifully clear up there but the smoke situation is much better here today as well. 🙂

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