Tolly’s new jacket

TollyJacket6 (325k image)
{{popup TollyJacket6.jpg TollyJacket6 500×787}}TollyJacket6

This one was made using the 4 & 2″ Multi-Looms. Dunno if you can see the detail, but she has a real pocket, too. I put a hankie in it. This took 8 -4″ squares and 4 -2″ to top off the sleeves plus one for the pocket. Fits well and I think it looks nice. The purse was woven on a 2×4″ rectangle Randy made for me some time ago. I warped with the green and did the weaving with the yellow to spice it up a bit. The ducky button was just too cute to resist. 🙂 Anyway, this is what I did today. It’s hot this week so I’ve been staying in as much as possible. I’ve only kept it 7 degrees cooler in here but I didn’t close the house totally. Supposed to be hotter tomorrow so I may get the rest of them. Trying to decide what I can make for dinner that doesn’t require cooking. Think I’m going to have to make a trip to town to purchase supplies for cold dinners. Himself still thinks he has to eat even if it is too hot to Cook! 😀

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