Lily Pad Lake and Thumb Rock.

LilyPad&ThumbRockblog (183k image)

It’s pretty easy to see how this lake got it’s name. Never have been sure about Poison Canyon, tho! That’s where the trail up starts. Very scenic and well maintained trail. The guys had a good hike, but the deer flies were out and gave Cori (dog) a hard time. You can still see a little smoke haze, but by and large a good day for a hike.
It was clear down here in the valley, too, and I got some mowing and blackberry trimming done. I picked about a cup of black cap raspberries in my yard but the boys came home with a half gallon that they picked along the road to the trail head! We’ll be having shortcake tonight! I’ve never seen this lush a wild raspberry crop. 🙂
Hope your weekend was pleasant!

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