Found my Ghost Rider!

GhostRide2r (238k image)

I’ve been looking for this painting for a couple of years. It won a second prize at the county fair in the ’90’s. It disappeared sometime there after and I’ve been looking for it for the last two years. I was sure I didn’t sell it but could not think what could have happened to it. Today I was digging some old frames out of a leaking storage trailer in the yard and there was my painting. It did not get ruined but is faded a little I think. But, I’m delighted to have found it, it’s one of my faves and part of a series I started of the logging industry around here. I have three of trucks and one of a landing where trucks are being loaded. The faller sold years ago. I don’t even have a photo of it. The guy who bought it, who said it looked like him (he was a faller), died a few years ago and I understand it was bought by somebody over on the coast. Well, one of these days I’ll get back on this series and finish it. I have Big Plans! lol Margaret and I are applying for a show next year so I need to get 20 pieces ready for that. A year may be time enough! There are members of the jury encouraging us so I’m guessing we’ll get it. Don’t suppose they’ll give us prime tourist season months, tho, for our first show.
Pretty wordy today! I was excited! Hope your day is peaceful! 😀

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