Here’s my new scarf!

leviScarf1 (27k image)

This is how I spent my birthday! Crocheting this scarf out of the denim strips that didn’t work for the shawl, it’s the stretch denim that proved to be too fragile for weaving. Worked fine here, tho I did add a blue carry-yarn with it. I also did laundry and oiled some looms. A pretty mild birthday, but we had our night on the town Saturday so that was fine. Both my kids called and I had long chats with them and a brief chat with the two youngest grandsons. The elder was sick today so was not available.
I made this scarf to wear to the Art Cruise this weekend. It’ll go with the shawl! My necklace has been a bit hit with the art group. It would be nice if someone visiting the gallery this month found it irresistable, too! 😀

Anyway… I hope your April Fools were all fun ones! :hehe:

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