Earth Day Surprise!

quince2 (200k image)

It’s also Randy’s birthday and since their job is laying out a foundation on a clay hillside, he got his BD off this year, too. They are calling for more precip tonight, but I hope we don’t get much more white stuff or trees are going to start breaking. They’ve started leafing out and a lot of them are blooming… Bad timing on Mother Nature’s part. Yeah, like.. what’s new? 🙄 Oh well, we got a nice bit of rain first, which we do need.

Randy thanked me for the dinner and said I did the steak just right. (whew!) I rarely cook those because I’m never successful. Racheal Ray I’m not! But I did research and got advice and used the timer! So dinner was a hit. 😛

We also got some work done in the shop and I did a little on my art as well and did some weaving. A pretty full day, all in all, considering that I took a nap in there someplace, too! :laugh:

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