If you don’t like the weather…

manzanita (114k image)

…wait a day or two. The sun is shining and it’s in the upper 70’s today but the forecast is for maybe more snow by Wednesday! 😥 Oh well… I took a photo for cousin of the really new, tight buds on the lilac. She said she wants to be up here when they bloom. I was thinking about two weeks but… who knows! At this rate it could be a week or a month!
I got some yard work done today, cleaned up branches from the last wet snow and moved some planters into their summer spots. Brushed about a gallon of down out of Cori’s coat. She was leaving trails of it! 😀 Jack, being an outside dog again, is not losing his so fast.
Craft-wise, I have my knitting in a mess, I have three weaving projects going but not very fast, a painting half done and another one due on Wednesday that isn’t even started. I do have my 4 framed pieces ready for the next show so am ahead there. I guess that’s about it. Not keeping this blog up very well these days, but as you can see… I really don’t have much of interest to share.
Hope your weekend was exciting without being uncomfortable!

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