Fiber Arts Show

HighlandsFiberShowMarch2 (185k image)

Dang! I’m in the front room this time!!I’ve been promoted! That’s mine there with the black canvas and the 7″ square underneath. That’s the loom Randy made from the walnut tree that got washed out in the ’97 flood. I titled it “My Loom Contemplating It’s Place In The Cosmos” The Big one is called “Application of Theory” ; “Yarns handspun by Hazel, the other by Rumpelstiltskin”. The other is gold colored wire with silver beads strung randomly on it. I don’t know if anyone will pay my exorbitant prices but my fellow classmates liked them! That’s what counts, huh? If you can impress your fellow artists, it doesnt matter if it doesn’t sell! :laugh: Well, I don’t think any (many?) of us here really do this to sell, we just enjoy sharing. When I get a bit further along with my Other Project I’ll post a photo here. That’s the one hinted at in the previous post.

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