Still weaving

BLOG22 (206k image)

I have been so busy it does not seem like it can have been that long since I posted. So sorry! :blush:
Finally have everything in the gallery ready for this months show. I am still weaving, playing with thenew Multi-Loom and trying to work out a good book mark loom, which we’ve had numerous requests for. Randy is in the shop almost daily now trying to get stock made for the up coming shows. We’ll be doing Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon in June and Oregon Flock and Fiber show in Canby in September and maybe the Lambtown event in Dixon in July. He’s building a house this summer and we hope to get the basic shop up, too. We only managed to get the road in and the site cleared last summer.
This afternoon I am doing spring cleaning in my studio. Intense cleaning after a winter of being the place to put what you don’t know what to do with! :laugh: I’m sure most of you know what I mean!

Hope it’s showing signs of spring where you live!

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