Special loom

handwovenProject (221k image)

Here’s a special loom Randy built for a weaver who wants to make the March Bag from the Handwoven Magazine’s on-line series. This one was designed by Maria Cristina Capello of Brazil. She says this one was woven of sisal, but that hemp or linen would also work. I have some cotton yarns that I intend to use as well. This loom as the spacing called for in the project. And he has the jigs all set if anyone wanted a similar loom. This loom could be used for other projects, of course. I’m pretty sure the same project could be woven on our regular square looms, tho the texture of the weave would probably be a bit different. I haven’t had time to experiment with it yet, but if any of you do, please let me know how it works out!
The project can be found here:

PS: I’m sure some of you are familiar with Jana of eloomanator. She has made this project and posted about to to her blog: http://eloomanator.eloomanation.com/ She made her bag using her regular 7″ Hazel Rose square. I was sure it could be done but hadn’t gotten around to trying it myself. But now we know! Thanks, Jana!

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