Well, here it is.

recyclesh5 (180k image)

Here’s my Recycle Shawl. Worn but clean working man and woman (& probably some kid, too) Levi pants past their life cycle as clothing becoming a new fashion statement. This is for the April Recycle Show at the Downtown Gallery. Not only are the jeans recycled, but the glitz you see there is thin strips cut in a spiral from mylar chip bags. It may or may not get beads. The mylar is a bit light weight and I’m thinking a bead on the fringe pieces may give it a bit more ‘body’. I worked a yarn edging along the hypotenuse to even things out and give it a soft feel there at the ‘neckline”. The rag strips looked a big ragged… duh! :laugh: … but I wanted to neaten it up.
This shawl is heavy, too. Not really soft and cuddly, but not bad and certainly warm. So if you have a jeans and sweatshirt lifestyle, start saving them., You can make a pocket quilt to carry in the car for instant picnics, and a shawl to wear to the rodeo, from the pant legs!

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