Pre-warped triangle

pre-warped_tri3 (22k image)

There was some question on the list about how to weave a prewarped triangle so I thought I’d post my version. Since I understand instructions best if there’s a picture, here’s my sketch. The red is the warp. I started at top left and warped around each nail as shown, ending at bottom left. Then I start weaving also at top left. I don’t use a needle, I still use my hook. You may be able to do more stuff needle weaving, I dunno. I weave the loop though and hook it on the bottom right nail, then repeat across ending top right. But now the loops up the right side are not locked in so you need to weave a single strand down the right side in and out, making sure you go though each of the loops that go around the nails.
You’ll find that this is a good way to use your finer yarns as it is a much closer weave. It also puts the bias on the hypotenuse so you’ll probably want to work one of those chain finishes there, as well. To fringe or not is a personal choice, but there are a lot of really pretty lace edgings, if you are a crocheter.

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