Fire moon

moom_mountain (46k image)

The moon these mornings is Harvest Moon full and bight orange. That’s the smoke coming over the alps from the fire down river. I heard they were getting close to 25% contained, but it’s also getting close to several small towns over there. The sun was looking a bit red today, too. It’s cooling off this week and I think the humidity is due to rise a bit as well, which will help fire fighting, as long as the wind stays down. They promise us no rain, however. I hope if you’re out in the woods these days you are being VERY, VERY careful with burning things. You should not be smoking, for your own health, but if you must, please do it in your car and dispose of the butts in the ash tray. Do that for the health of the forest and all us creatures who live there!
Thank you! 🙂

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