Gosh, I love autumn!

Blackberrys (120k image)

Just finished the peaches, I’ve been picking blackberries for some time now, and the apples and pears are just about ready! My tomatoes are still bright green, but you can’t have everything I guess! :laugh:
These luscious berries will be short cake for dinner tonight. Randy’s uncle will be here and I’m told he’s bringing dinner so I picked dessert. And they are sooo fat, and juicy, and sweet this year! I love them in a bowl with a bit of milk but for tonight I thought we’d get a little fancy. And the thing I like about blackberries is that they are best fresh. Peaches and apples are good in pies (tho they’re also good fresh) but blackberries baked in a pie are just juice and seeds. They lose their body.:P
I hope you are taking advantage of your area’s bounty!
Bon appetite!

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