Only 96 days, 16 hours, 9 minutes…

Hats (129k image)

LOL I have a counter that tells me how long until Christmas! 😀 It even counts the seconds! Anyway, I thought I may as well start using some of the small skeins in the “scrap” basket to make winter hats for gifts. Only had enough of this yellow/orange for one 12″ square so found some bits and pieces of white in there that I kool-aided last night. They’ll match well enough. Young boys aren’t real picky, thank goodness! I have another started, in a steely blue grey bulky and am using my Spin-off skein of orange/red/yellow for the fine yarn to add a bit of color. It’s kind of fun to see what I can come up with out of that basket. And it’s certainly getting to be cool enough mornings and evenings, to work with wools. There seems to be less smoke this morning. Randy said the dew was dripping off the roof this morning… I know it isn’t going to put the fires out, but might help slow them down if we get a bit of moisture. What we need is a nice drenching rain. Doesn’t seem to be in the forecast, tho. Okay guys… start dancing! :blush:

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