The Fox Island vest

The_Fox (134k image)

After frogging this three (3!) times (I have the yarn in the ‘frogging is a fact of life’ bag…:O did I jinx myself?!) I think I finally have an handle on it! It’s looking pretty good but there is certainly a long way to go! lol I’ll take this along for the weekend’s ampleknitter’s get together in Medford. I can work on it when we’re just sittin’ around gabbin’ and knittin’ in between visiting local yarn shops and taking workshops and what all Denise has planned for us.
I’d like to finish the vest to wear to my Xmas Red Hat potluck, but I might have to aim for Valentine’s day instead! lol
Started Raining just now. I guess it’s going to continue for a couple days. I got the last of the cut firewood in the shed today. Himself is taking Saturday and Sunday off to watch Grandmother while I’m gone so he can put in some time there. One of these days not too far off it isn’t going to be rain that’s falling. It’s usually white stuff somewhere around Thanksgiving… 😛

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