The Mountain Man (Person?) Poncho

poncho1a (155k image)

Washing a fleece in the washing machine is supposed to be soak and spin, but if you don’t pay attention you get full cycle and a big felted boa! So then what? Darned if I was going to toss half a fleece, but these things will lead to INSPIRATION! 💡
Carefully washed the other half and spun it up worsted weight and wove 4 14″ triangles which I then made into a poncho. I single crocheted my way around the boa and crocheted it to the triangles. Added the beads and feathers and… well there it is! Jessica pronounced it “Cool” and I have to say, it looks good on her. It might look good on a Mountain Man, too! I’m ashamed to admit it :blush: but I have two more “boas” in my stash! :laugh:

This poncho is up on ebay now, if anyone likes it better than i do!

One thought on “The Mountain Man (Person?) Poncho

  1. What a spendid idea! (And the model is beautiful….my computer downloads rather slow, so it was refreshing to see the friendly face of a "cool" kid while I waited for the poncho to appear.)
    Andi K


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