Home at last!

Scott_Mt._Summit (170k image)

The sign there says “Scott Mt. Summit, elevation 5401”. Took this on my way home today and I want to thank the boys from both Trinity and Skiskyou county CalTrans for getting out early this morning so that I could get home today after yesterday and last night’s snow storms! There’s 2′ up there according to the gauge. I spent a couple of extra days at Sis’s because of that storm. But I got new tires, new shoes, new windshield wipers, and a stash of groceries, so it was worth the wait! Had a nice visit with Sis, too, but if any of you find your emails to me bouncing, please try again. I hadn’t planned to be gone so long or I would have had Himself download stuff.
But he missed me. Said he was tired of trying to think of something for dinner. 🙄 That’s True Love, isn’t it?! lol

3 thoughts on “Home at last!

  1. Gorgeous country even in inclimate weather, although my cousins in Scott Valley may disagree. Your retreat in Medford looked like so much fun —
    maybe another year…


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